In order to ensure the best possible service and continuous development of Konzertmeister for you, we offer our subscription packages at a fair price per association.

You can change the subscription at any time, if the number of members in your association changes. For the individual member, the service and the app will always be available for free.

up to 30 members
  • Basic Association Administration
  • Members
  • Sections
  • Role System
  • Basic Appointment Administration
  • Create Appointments
  • Replies
  • Basic Calendar Synchronisation
  • Sending of SMS
Try 1 month for free
Pro 30
up to 30 members
€ 29 / year
€ 2.90 / month
Pro 60
up to 60 members
€ 59 / year
€ 5.90 / month
Pro unlimited
unlimited members
€ 89 / year
€ 8.90 / month
  • Professional Association Administration
  • All Basic Features
  • Groups and Casts
  • Professional Appointment Administration
  • All Basic Features
  • Recurring Appointments
  • Appointment Location with Map
  • Advanced Reply Options
  • Reminders for Replies
  • Notifications for Cancellations
  • Pin Wall Entries
  • Invitation of External Musicians
  • Advanced Calendar Synchronisation
  • Sending of SMS
  • Professional Statistics Features
  • Real Attendances
  • Attendance Statistics
  • Atttendance Matrix
If your association consists of a main association and associated subordinated associations (e.g. main orchestra + youth orchestra), please contact us directly via contact form.

I plan the usage of Konzertmeister

Can I try Konzertmeister for free?

YES! You can create an association and use all basic features with up to 30 members for free. You can also try our Pro features for free for a month with your association.

Can I try the Konzertmeister Pro features for free?

YES! We provide you the Pro features for free for one month to test.

When do I need a Konzertmeister subscription for my association?

There are two possible scenarios here:

  1. You want to use the Pro features for your association:
    Permanent use of our Pro features is only possible with a subscription.
  2. You want to manage more than 30 members in Konzertmeister:
    Our Basic subscription includes 30 members free of charge. If your association is bigger, then you can also manage more members by ordering a subscription. Here is a price scale for medium-sized associations (between 30 and 60 members) and large associations (more than 60 members).

How does the payment work?

You will receive an invoice from us by e-mail. This contains an invoice number and has to be paid by bank transfer. Your association can use all the Pro features from the moment of ordering.

We offer two payment options:

  • Monthly:
    Your association gets an invoice every month. The subscription is automatically renewed until it is canceled.
  • Yearly:
    Your association only pays once for the whole year and gets two months for free. The subscription is automatically renewed until it is canceled.

How long does it take to unlock the subscription?

The subscription features are available immediately from the moment of order.

My association already used Konzertmeister before the transition to Pro subscriptions on May 18th 2019

Do I have to order a subscription for my association?

NO! As an existing association you can continue to use all Basic features for free. The member limit of 30 does not count for existing associations. You can continue to use all existing member accounts for free.

I have more than 30 members - do I have to order a subscription?

NO! As an existing association we provide your current members as a free contingent.

You already had 43 members before the transition to Pro subscriptions. You can still use 43 members within the Basic subscription. However, if you would like to invite additional members, you can do so by ordering a Pro subscription.

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